Clearing tree stumps on RB28

The Conservation Volunteers

We are grateful for the assistance of The Conservation Volunteers in making a significant improvement to Restricted Byway 28. This path had been obstructed by tree and bush growth until a couple of years ago, when a chainsaw was necessary to clear it.

Since then, we have worked on the path to ensure it has been clear of nettles and other growth, and so open for walkers (and brave, careful cyclists). One significant hazard remained, however - in the surface of the path were a number of low tree stumps which, when hidden in the grass, were very easy to trip over. So we were delighted when The Conservation Volunteers offered to put clearance into their programme.

A dozen or so volunteers spent 4 hours working on 5 May; some hacked and sawed for a few hours and removed all of the stumps we could find in the path, while others trimmed back the nettles and encroaching tree and bush growth.
Clearing tree stumps on RB28
At the end, we left the path in a much better state.

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