Felling tree Usually we only need hand tools and a small bow-saw to clear a route, but sometimes a little more power is useful. Restricted Byway 28 was impassible for many years until a community service team got to work. Much of the route was made passable although there are still a considerable number of 'trip hazard stumps' to remove. Unfortunately while the help was invaluable it didn't quite make it all the way through to the end before running out of hours. So three of the WaW team set out to complete the task which involved felling and clearing some fairly large trees.

In this picture Ken Hawkins is behind the camera, while Tony Needham and Timothy Birt (with chainsaw) pose for an album snap. There is still a fair bit to do but at least we can stand up now.
Byway open

After a few more hours ... Byway open
It would be difficult to drive a horse and carriage through but at least walkers can proceed with ease.

Following a storm, a return visit was later required to clear a couple of other trees which had been blown over, about a quarter mile further along the route.

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