Mark Webster pointing
out a Himalayan Balsam plant

A Retuned Favour ... Conservation Walk

In May, a group of members of The Conservation Volunteers spent several hours removing tree stumps (also known as tripping hazards) from Restricted Byway 28; others of their number cleared nettles and other unwelcome growth from the path, rendering it pleasantly walkable.

To return the favour, Walkers are Welcome arranged and led a conservation walk on 16 June. Our route started across Rush Meadow, which also gave them the opportunity to check out the growth of Himalayan Balsam along the river: they will be coming back at the end of the month to remove as much as possible of this beautiful but horribly invasive plant. Although fairly short, the walk - which continued up through the woods - presented so many opportunities for spotting and identifying the very wide range of flora and fauna there, that it took us a solid two hours to reach Quebec Woods (and lunch).

Rush Meadow

After lunch, we quickened the pace, heading east behind Quebec Hall and across to Northall Green, whence we returned to Dereham.

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