REVIEW: 18 April, 2021
The Year Starts Here Walk

clearing path before walk We were delighted to have finally been able to hold our first walk of 2021 - even if it was well into April by then.

Starting from the town centre, we took the wonderfully named Rolling Pin Lane out towards the water meadows and into one of Dereham’s somewhat hidden green spaces. Our route was not along the well used path that runs through the meadows, but down Footpath 14, the public right of way which runs adjacent to the school fence. Some of us had been there the week before to remove brambles and a partly sagging tree which had obstructed the path, and then yet others had been there just a few days earlier to remove the litter which had collected.

On reaching the end of the path (where we were rejoined by the route across the meadows), we turned to continue to follow the school fence (and the course of the former railway line towards Swaffham). This enabled us to take the path out of Dereham past the allotments and under the A47, to emerge onto Shipdham Road. Crossing this, we continued east on another path that had, in part, been swallowed on a road - but, unlike the road, we were able to cross the (this time living) railway to reach Yaxham Road alongside the former Jolly Farmers.

Near Badley Moor Now our route began to be much less urban as we walked down the unsurfaced Dumpling Green and past Borrow Hall. After a short refreshment break, we turned along Green Lane (now legally only a footpath) alongside the oil seed rape, just starting to flower, and on to join Hall Lane (another track) out in the open country.
Neatherd Moor
A bit further along here, we climbed to cross the A47, skirting the building site for the new housing development, and passing the Windmill to reach Norwich Road. The final stretch was through Little Neatherd, and on to The Neatherd proper, past the pond, back once again over the railway, and finally along Footpath 17 to return to the Market Place.

Oh, and we had lots of sun throughout, making it a most enjoyable 150 minutes.

Walk promotion flyer (pdf, opens in new tab).

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