Summer growth

Finger post with Dereham WAW sign Most paths around the town remain easily usable all through the year, but there is a small handful where nettles and brambles in particular grow up in the summer months, and can make walking the paths difficult - especially if you are young (and short) or have bare legs (or both). To keep these paths usable requires constant effort, and Dereham Walkers are Welcome strives to make that effort. So, once more, we have been continuing clearance work, most recently on FP14 (runs from Dereham along Rolling Pin Lane to cross the A47 to Scarning Fen) and FP25 (connects two tracks running across the Badley Moor area).

Peter James and the Ramblers brush cutter On this occasion, the extent of the growth was such that we sought - and received - the help of The Ramblers’ brush cutter, courtesy Peter James, a one man clearance storm across the county.

Two hours of work saw us entitled to mount another of our new plaques at the end of the path. These plaques have been supplied by Dereham Town Council for installation by Dereham Walkers are Welcome where significant improvement work has been done.

Keeping paths clear for everyone to use has enabled Dereham Walkers are Welcome to arrange a number of public walks.

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