Litter picker and bag holder

Litter / Rubbish

Two teams, 7 bags of rubbish.

That was the score when Walkers are Welcome went out on 13 April to clear ‘litter’ from Footpaths 11 and 14.

On Footpath 11 - a mere quarter of a mile - there was the usual low nuisance litter of crisp and sandwich packets, foil wrapping off sweets and the like. But also massive amounts of drink cans and bottles, more than the team could collect, and, unfortunately, quite a bit visible but out of reach where it had been thrown into the undergrowth alongside the path. A particularly bad spot was close to the railway crossing - but at least this could be cleared.

Litter + rubbish Footpath 14 is rather longer, but runs past St Nicholas Junior School, and here the main litter seemed clearly to have come over the fence from the school. A sad sign of the times.

Our thanks to Dereham Town Council for the provision of litter picking equipment, and to Breckland District Council for arranging collection of the filled bags.

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