Not just nettles ... Litter!

Litter collected and bagged Nettle growth is bad enough at this time of the year, and we have been out clearing it wherever we are aware that it may be deterring people from using our footpaths. But we are also coming across litter in some places, and that too is a deterrent. A trip down Footpath 14 early in May required removal of nettles (and other growth), but also generated a big bag of litter. When we tried to use the path again a month later, the nettles had grown up again, so a further visit was made to clear those. Disappointingly, the litter also seemed to have grown, and a further bagful was taken away. We plan to have a full, town wide, collection in the autumn, when natural growth has ceased and the litter can be seen, but we have already started to identify and record the locations where it seems worst.

Footpath 14 in fact runs alongside a school boundary, and it seems clear that this is not unrelated. We have contacted the school, to see if there are things we can do to stop the litter in the first place.

Growth hiding litter

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