Footpath 1/1a

Footpath 1 used to be a continuous route from the south of Etling Green to Mattishall Road, but was severed when the Dereham bypass was built some 50 years ago. The northern section remains as Footpath 1, while the southern part was named as Footpath 1a. The crossing of what is now the A47 was facilitated by leaving a gap between the crash barriers, with the approach to the road on both sides being through fenced off land. This land is believed to be owned by Highways England, though that body has not yet accepted this to be the case. Nevertheless, through the good offices of Dereham Town Council’s Town Clerk Tony Needham, Highways England arranged to repair the rather dilapidated steps - and also undertook further clearance around them, making this once more an easy route to follow (but take care crossing each carriageway of the A47).

Dilapided steps
Refurbished steps

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