Cutting Restricted Byways 30 and 31

Brambles beware!

As is well known, Spring is the growing season. Unfortunately for walkers, growth is not restricted to those nice flowers in your garden, but also includes rampant growth of brambles and nettles across public rights of way. In Dereham, two paths are particularly prone to this - Restricted Byways 30 and 31. These carry the legal right for horse and carriage drivers to use them between Neatherd Moor and Northall Green, crossing Swanton Road part way, but at their best, they are currently suitable only for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Even those users can find their way blocked by nettle and bramble growth.

To tackle this before the route becomes impassable, Dereham Walkers are Welcome and The Ramblers together cut the paths on 3 May.

The picture show Peter James using The Ramblers’ heavy duty brush cutter to good effect. Try the paths for yourself - and let us know of any potential blockages on these or any other paths.

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