Boardwalk repair

Boardwalk netting replacement in progress Walkers using the footpath (Dereham Footpath 14a) from Stone Road in Toftwood through to Scarning Fen and on into Dereham have for many years benefited from a boardwalk laid along the path. To prevent slipping (wet wood can be very slippery), wire netting had been laid over the top, but it had been noticed recently that the netting on the northernmost 50 metres had disintegrated, exposing the bare wood again, and presenting a tripping hazard in its own right.

So, on a fine but frosty day, two of our members joined up with Peter James from Norfolk Ramblers to replace it. Peter was geared up with generator, compressor and staple gun: once this had been carried on site (a small job in itself), Ken and Catherine Hawkins scraped off the old wire netting - and the frozen on leaves - and Peter followed up installing the new wire mesh.
Boardwalk netting replacement in

It was gratifying that a number of people using the path stopped by to say ‘thank you’ for the work being done. Four hours on, the mesh was down and ready for use.

Completed path

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