RB30 Clearance

Difficult and risky route For some time, we had been aware that a short section of one particular path was not only difficult, but potentially dangerous to those trying to use it. The path concerned is Restricted Byway 30, which runs south from Northall Green to Swanton Road (where one can cross onto Restricted Byway 31 to reach The Neatherd). As a Restricted Byway, it is legally open to use by walkers, cyclists, horse riders and (unmotorised) carriage drivers, but in practice, even walkers were struggling with it. Why? Because the path just north of Swanton Road ran between a thick hedge on one side, and a steep sided ditch on the other; and the path itself sloped across its width - towards the ditch!

There is supposed to be a route through the image opposite.

We therefore sought (and got) permission from the landowner to cut back the hedge, which would allow us to widen the path, and we could then also level out the widened path. This work was identified in spring, but we delayed until the end of September, partly to ensure we were outside the bird nesting season, and partly to fit the work schedule of The Conservation Volunteers, who had offered to do this work, with our assistance.

So it was that on a grey (and occasionally rainy) day, 10 volunteers from The Norfolk Conservation Volunteers and Dereham Walkers are Welcome spent several hours cutting back the hedge and levelling out the path.

RB30 clear route

At the end of the session, we were pleased that the path presented a very different appearance, see opposite image: It may still not be passable for a horse and carriage, but it can now be easily - and safely - used by walkers. And of course, we put up an 'Improved for you' plaque - we're just sorry that we have no way of advertising the excellent work of The Conservation Volunteers (other than by this link).

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