Children posed for a pic

Walk in Wonderland - 17 April, 2017

On Easter Monday, Dereham Walkers are Welcome set out to challenge the perception that walking is for older people. A Treasure Hunt was arranged along a 1¼ mile trail which wound its way around Neatherd Moor.

Children picked up instructions and a map from a stall near the duck pond.
Family starting the Wonderland Walk

The event was themed around Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and required children to follow the route and identify 10 characters from the book.

Painted egg ( Searching for the Wonderland characters

The 32 children who participated - accompanied by the families who came with them - all finished the course and received a small Easter egg.

The real prize of course was that they all spent an afternoon out in the open, enjoying the spring sunshine and, the organisers hope, discovering new areas of this wonderful open space so near the town.

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