Bolo Rei Walk - New Year's Day, 1 January 2017

The name Bolo Rei comes from a traditional Portuguese seasonal cake served over the Christmas period, it translates as 'King Cake'.

Gathering at Dereham Market Place Our New Year’s Day 'Bolo Rei' walk was attended by more people than we originally expected, especially impressive considering the poor weather. As well as people who already knew about us, the features in Dereham Times and the EDP (thanks to Adam Lazzari) drew in walkers from as far afield as Norwich, giving us more than 25 bookings. Adding in our committee members, this put us up to a bit over the full capacity of New Flavours café, the end point of our walk. The day itself was forecast - correctly - to be the first wet day for some weeks, but at 10:00am there was a good crowd waiting in Dereham’s Market Place.

After a short wait while everyone got themselves fully ready (including one last minute purchase of a pair of gloves), we set off - boots, hats, coats, waterproof trousers, a couple of umbrellas and all. As it turned out, the rain was little more than drizzle for the majority of the walk and did not 'dampen' the good spirits of the group. The previous dry days proved useful, in that most of the paths were still fairly solid, and though there was mud in a few places, it did not cause real problems.

Two hours later, we had fringed the Neatherd, passed through Northall Green (a pity that the Mid-Norfolk Railway gala had ended the previous day or we could have seen trains running up to Hoe), cut across through Quebec Wood and finally descended to and crossed Rush Meadow.
Crossing Rush Meadow in the rain

Arrival at New Flavours was all you could have wanted: we had a great welcome from Idalina and her staff, and everyone found that the Bolo Rei more than met their expectations. We heartily recommend it - call 01362 525009 or 07907 009920.

We may have to do this again following these unsolicited comments:

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