20 March, 2024
FAllen Ivy on route
Northall Green & East Walk

How many people does it take to keep the rain away? Ten, apparently. That’s the number who turned up in the lightest of rain for our walk; those hardy people came in spite of a forecast that threatened quite a bit of rain. Half an hour later, everyone was still dry and most had stopped to remove coats and hats. We even had pale shadows as the sun broke through.

All of this served to make our walk even more enjoyable. We set off from The Neatherd, up Cemetery Road and through the estate to leave the houses behind and headed east across to Hoe Lodge then back down to Northall Green by the railway bridge.

Walking under a moody sky

Then it was along the lane and down Swanton Road to join the network of restricted byways that surround and penetrate the eastern part of Neatherd Moor. After a short pause to look at the start of work on the Country Park, we crossed Norwich Road and the A47 bypass to reach the open land to the south. Recrossing the A47 we made our way to the Windmill and, while some continued to town and the start, the rest of us took welcome refreshment at the Partea Hut (sitting outside) before completing our 6¼ mile walk back to The Neatherd.

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