1 January 2024
Footpath sign in snowy scene
New Year's Day walk

Sandwiched happily between wet days, our New Year’s Day walk took place in an almost cloudless sky, with only a light cool breeze to tell us it wasn’t summer.

Walking across field
Old Church

Twenty-four of us set of from town out to and through the old cemetery (new to some), then across Quebec Road and alongside the golf course to reach Sandy Lane. From there, we descended towards Rush Meadow, meeting plenty of others out starting the new year in like fashion.

We avoided Rushmeadow itself, in the confident expectation that the path alongside the river would be knee deep in mud, instead following the top of the bank behind the Humbletoft Estate.

We still had a little mud as we dropped to the sewage works (don’t be put off, it really is quite inoffensive!), then to follow New Inn Lane and Draytonhall Lane to come through the Scarning Estate and, via Ted Ellis Walk, to Scarning Water Meadows.

We left the meadow via Rolling Pin Lane, ending at Church House, where everyone removed their boots so as not to muddy the carpet while enjoying hot drinks and the promised “small selection of sumptuous seasonal savoury and sweet snacks”.

Seasonal Snacks
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