5 April, 2024
Friday Monthly Walks
Monthly Short Walk

The first Friday walk went well. Although the rain had barely stopped as 'the thirteen' collected for the start of the walk, it wasn’t long before the sun broke out and our group began to remove and pack away hats and coats.

Walking on wet footway

We walked from The Neatherd up to Northall Green then across to Quebec Wood and Gingerbread Corner. From there it was (literally) downhill (almost) all the way as we followed the Wensum Way extension down Sandy Lane, along Becclesgate and through the churchyard, ending with a quick diversion through the Queen Mothers’ Garden and back to the start.

For various reasons, the walk was a bit like an Agatha Christie novel, with ones and twos leaving as we approached the town - only 5 of us made it back to The Neatherd, but we were pleased to see Jom Coffees, a pop up coffee shop (no edibles yet) with plans to have a regular presence there. Ken can recommend the flat white!

Jom's mobile coffee shop
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