2 February, 2024
Monthly Short Walk

With weather better than forecast, 32 of us set off from the bottom of Church Street to go through town along High Street, past the library and on past Homebase (where we spent an age crossing the roads to reach the Railway Tavern - pedestrians waiting while at least 3 full cycles of lights for the road traffic went through). All so we could reach Greens Road and hence Restricted Byway 37 and make our way up to and across the A47 bridge (Restricted Byway 40!).

Having left the town well behind, we headed first east then south, avoiding the slightly flooded path to reach Dumpling Green. Our walk then took us first across Yaxham Road, then the railway line (sadly, no trains running that day). We continued west to reach and cross Shipdham Road, turning north along the footpath (and cycle path that runs under the A47, past the allotments and into town. Many left at this point, but a group of us went on to enjoy drinks and/or lunch at Coco’s before ending our morning.

Walking along field margin


old lane
All rights of way have a designation such as
"Dereham Footpath 10" or
"Dereham Bridleway 21".
Some also have a street name.

Do you know where this footpath is in Dereham? What are its names?


Hover mouse or touch HEREIt runs from next to Wilko (as was) down to meet St Withburga Lane Littlefields. It is Dereham Footpath 15, also called Wakes Lane. The image is looking towards Wilko. for answer.

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