27 July, 2023
rauilway lines
Thuxton Train and Walk

In this walk a group set off to Thuxton starting with a 20-minute train ride, courtesy of the Mid-Norfolk Railway, from where we walked back to Dereham. The walk followed some light rain which didn’t dampen the spirits, though did result in a number of wet legs from the longer grass.

Walking and talking

Our route took us past Brakefield Green and via Mouse’s Lane to Clint Green, offering the chance for those wanting a shorter walk to catch a bus back to Dereham. Most continued to cross the River Tud at Mouse’s Bridge (does anyone know if it’s the same Mouse?) to re‑enter Dereham and follow the path to Dumpling Green and back to the station.

Thuxton station platform

At Dereham station we were treated to drinks and the MNR’s home made cakes - very much enjoyed by all present.

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