1 January, 2023
frosty path
New Year's Day Walk

agricultural access ramp

In what we hope has set the pattern for 2023, our New Year’s Day walk took place in fully acceptable weather - during the first half, the sun was sighted on a number of occasions!

With not too much mud underfoot, our route took us out of the town from behind Tesco, and across the open land to the east of Dereham. Heading south, we took Mouse’s Bridge across the River Tud to enter Yaxham and join Cutthroat Lane where the recent rain had flooded the plain, exactly as it should.

Flood plain

After a while, we turned off this to reach the village hall and its picnic tables, where we rested to enjoy seasonal refreshments.

centre of pylon

Then it was on through the village, past the railway station and across the field (alongside the pylon - it was possible to find the pylon centre and observe the ascending geometric lattice pattern) then to Westfield Road, and so back to Tesco and Dereham.

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