REVIEW: 1 January, 2022
New Year's Day Walk

Start of walk briefing 2022 has arrived, and Dereham Walkers are Welcome held its now traditional New Year’s Day walk, this year in excellent weather - sunny quite a lot of the time, and never cold.

Field path We started from the Ellenor Fenn Garden, walking out along High Street and up Quebec Road. This allowed us to take the back way into what we suppose now has to be thought of as the ‘old’ cemetery. A short walk, past the water tower, took us through the housing estate there, and out by a short informal woodland path to cross Back Lane and on to Green Lane (legally only a footpath, but clearly once of much more significant size and use). We followed this through to the track past Hoe Lodge and down to Northall Green.

Field path Here we crossed the railway and followed the road through to join the Dereham to Swanton Morley road: a short walk along the verge enabled us to get on to Restricted Byway 27, and with the sun still shining, and some of us carrying rather than wearing coats, to reached The Neatherd. Here we took the byway along the northern side of The Neatherd to Galleymoor Farm, down Queen Mother’s Avenue, then across the moor to pass Neatherd High School and join Norwich Road.

Lidl Stollen It was a short walk back to the town centre and Ellenor Fenn Garden, where we partook of mince pies, stollen and whatever drinks we had brought with us.

Walk promotion flyer (pdf, opens in new tab).

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