2 December, 2022
Dual Length Walk

Our dual length walk on 2 December attracted no fewer than 29 walkers, and 2 dogs.

Happily, the forecast grey morning was punctuated by some sunshine, and the breeze had dropped enough to allow the sun to warm any exposed skin.

Queen Mother's Garden

We set off through the newly refurbished Queen Mothers’ Garden, then made our way down Rolling Pin Lane and on to (and through) Scarning water meadows. It was here that we were treated the sight of a little egret, perched high in a nearby tree.

Ted Ellis Walk allowed us to climb out to Draytonhall Lane and from there we followed New Inn Lane and on to Rush Meadow. Although there was a little mud on the path alongside the stream, it was worth it to reach the second piece of refurbishment on the walk - the boardwalk through the woodland. Recently completed by Norfolk County Council, it was a joy to use this walkway; we also noticed that adjacent vegetation that often fringed the boardwalk itself had been trimmed back and will be unlikely to be a nuisance in summer.

When we reached Sandy Lane, there was a parting of ways, with our short walkers returning to town via the bottom of Swaffham Hill. The rest of us made our way up to Quebec Woods for a short break, and then on east to Northall Green, finally returning down the byways to the edge of the Neatherd and back to town.

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