REVIEW: 2 September, 2022
Green canope
Monthly Short Walk

A review of our regular 'First Friday' of the month short walks in and around Dereham. These walks are pot-luck with no advanced published route and there is not always a formal review page:

Passports in hand (or rucksack), our September short walk took us ‘over the border’ into Scarning.

We left down Washbridge to follow the path and lane taking us to Rushmeadow Road. A few hundred metres along, we turned up New Inn Lane to cross Dereham Road and reach Draytonhall Lane. From here we took the shared pedestrian and cyclists path down towards Dereham, and so on to the Ted Ellis Walk. Before reaching the end, we turned off to walk through Scarning Water Meadows, crossing the brook to get back into Dereham.

Watermeadow bridge

Although close our starting point, we turned away again to go through the woodland to reach the houses built over the former Dereham to Swaffham railway line, before making our way back up Littlefields and Wakes Lane to the High Street and Market Place.
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