REVIEW: 6 May, 2022
Dereham Windmill
Monthly Short Walk

A review of our regular 'First Friday' of the month short walks in and around Dereham. These walks are pot-luck with no advanced published route and there is not always a formal review page:

We were delighted that another sunny morning greeted our short walkers (the walk, not the people!) last Friday. Although the first part of the route, through the edge of the town, could perhaps be said to be more interesting than delightful, we were then able to escape the houses and traffic. Our route took us across the railway line (sadly, no trains running that day), and on to Dumpling Green. This turns into a tree lined track, and on to a path across more open country, where the larks were both heard and seen.

Tree lined path

All too soon, we were back in view of the Windmill, where most of us took refreshment from our friends at the Partea Hut.

Refreshments at Windmill
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