REVIEW: 4 March, 2022
Over a fallen tree
Monthly Short Walk

A review of our regular 'First Friday' of the month short walks in and around Dereham. These walks are pot-luck with no advanced published route and there is not always a formal review page:

Our March walk (not a march!) took us out of town down Washbridge, past the snowdrops (which were past their best) along Rushmeadow Road and so to Rushmeadow itself. A check a few days earlier had revealed that the path across the meadow was very muddy, and the boardwalk was still broken in places, so we opted for the informal path at the top of the hill, just west of the Humbletoft estate, where the only problems were a few fallen trees. After a pause for a photo - 25 walkers and 3 dogs, 62 legs in total!) we climbed up to Sandy Lane, returning to town via Becclesgate and the churchyard.

25 walkers and 3 dogs

Next walk - 1 April: no fooling!.

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