REVIEW: 30 August, 2021
Garden Party Walk

Unfortunately, Ken was taken ill shortly before the walk, but Tim was able to use Ken's route plan to lead the walk ... and we didn't get lost once! We are looking forward to seeing Ken back leading a future walk.
Crossing A47 bridge
We met at Neatherd pond where at least one of us quacked a conversation with the ducks. Setting off past Neatherd High School we observed two dogs taking each other for a walk; why hold a lead when each dog could hold the other's? We crossed Norwich Road and headed towards the windmill where we were joined by two more members.
Open wheat field partly harvested
We followed Cherry Lane around the new housing development, over the A47 bridge and into open countryside to the south-east of Dereham. The harvest has begun, but there was no sign of any machines.

After about half a mile we needed to turn left off the track, this was the most likely part of the walk to get lost, or at least miss our turning. We needed to head north on Dereham Footpath 2, a track through the middle of a cropped field. It is easy to find from the other end (Mattishall Road) where there is a finger-post, but this way the crop hides the low marker post. A little scouting from the previous day meant we were prepared and found the path:
Path through wheat field

Millet crop
We made our way to the repaired steps and the A47 crossing covered in a recent EDP report (opens in a new tab) which includes pictures from before and after the repair work.

Returning to the Neatherd via Back Lane we stumbled across an unknown crop, later identified as millet.

Zig-zaging across the Neatherd taking in the "eight-acres" acquired by the Town Council a few years ago and looking at the new land just about to be purchased we found ourself on the north western corner of Neatherd Moor. From here it would be a short stroll back to the car-park, however this was the Garden Party walk, so we diverted to the garden of Dot and Martin Sneesby, who had tables set, with tea and multiple choices of freshly baked cakes and both cheese and fruit scones, served with butter or jam & cream ...
Sitting in Garden

Walk promotion flyer (pdf, opens in new tab).

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