REVIEW: 3 December, 2021
Dumpling Green and Northall Green

Crossing the 'Rec' Our 3 December walk was designed to cater for those who wanted the usual short walk, and for those who wanted to have a bit further to go. Happily, the rain stayed away for us as we made our way out of town, using less well known passageways, quiet roads and green spaces wherever possible.

Muddy Lane We were able to get to and under the A47 this way, and make our way east to Dumpling Green. Although we had avoided the rain, Dumpling Green was it usual muddy self, requiring some care to stay upright - but everyone succeeded.

From there, we crossed the bridge over the A47 to skirt the house building by the Windmill.

Leaf covered track Keeping on to the north, we joined the tracks behind the football ground. By now, our short and medium walkers had left us, and as we were running behind the anticipated schedule, we opted to leave the northern section of the walk for another day, so made our way back to town via the Swanton Road level crossing and Theatre Street.

Walk promotion flyer (pdf, opens in new tab).

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