REVIEW: 5 December, 2020
Tree Week Walk

track beside river Our December walk, to celebrate National Tree Week, took place on a day when rain was a distinct possibility (according to the forecast), but we got sun instead. Which made a pleasant change from the previous day’s rain and snow (but more of that anon ...).

From the town centre, we walked down Washbridge, past St Nicholas Church and out of Dereham into Scarning. After walking along Rushmeadow Road, we headed up past the sewage works (scent‑free), back into Dereham and on to the meadow.

It was clear that the stream/river was full as we walked alongside it, but a little way onto the meadow, we found it had flowed over the path and onto the flood plain (performing just as you should expect it to!).
flooded meadow
Having met another walker who told us that it was deeper than his wellies were high, we turned back to the sewage works, and took the alternative route on to the top of the scarp behind Humbletoft - and so regained our intended route. At least that path too took us through the trees we had come to see.

muddy tree lined track We walked through the estate onto Sandy Lane and continued to reach Gingerbread Cottage and a short break in the woodland opposite. We now walked through the edge of Quebec Wood and continued along tree lined paths to reach Hoe Lodge. It was then a short walk to Northall Green, over the railway and down the Restricted Byways leading towards The Neatherd. From here, we took the path to Swanton Road, over the level crossing, down Theatre Street and back to the town centre. And not a drop of rain the whole way!

Walk promotion flyer (pdf, opens in new tab).

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