1 January 2019, Hogmanay Hike

Our New Year’s Day walk again attracted a healthy (literally!) number of people.

Our departure point was The Neatherd, setting off along the edge of the wide grass area, and following Shillings Lane past the new houses, then turning to reach and cross Norwich Road and use Mattishall Road to cross the A47 and turn down the recently recognised Restricted Byway 41 to reach Cherry Lane.

walking across fields
After following this for a while, we crossed a field back to Mattishall Road, and then followed tracks between this road and the A47 to the easternmost point of the walk. We returned to cross Mattishall Road for the last time and then joined the long track (only a footpath in legal terms) running all the way to Dumpling Green. We turned off before reaching the houses, taking the footpath up to Hall Lane, and then climbing to and crossing the A47 bridge: the route across the bridge is another Restricted Byway (number 40), and we understand is to have its parapets raised now that it is legally open to horse riders (and carriage drivers if only they could get to it).

walking along green lane
From here, it was a short walk around the edge of the land awaiting the start of a large housing development - there were signs of the first tentative start to work there. Past the Windmill, on Cherry Lane once more (also now Restricted Byway 36), we crossed Norwich Road and took the footpath alongside the school to regain The Neatherd and return to the start.

From here, it was a short 5 minute walk to the sumptuous drinks and cake we had been long anticipating.

enjoying refreshments

Walk promotion flyer (pdf, opens in new tab).

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