A Potter round The Neatherd, 31 March 2018

Walk promotion flyer (pdf, opens in new tab).

The last day in March, like so many of its predecessors, was wet; but not wet enough to deter the families of 14 youngsters who had signed up to our Easter event. Promptly at 2:00pm, a queue had formed for our Treasure Hunt round the Neatherd.

As it turned out, the rain (which was steady if not heavy) was less of a problem than the conditions underfoot - in a few places, The Neatherd was either awash or a few inches deep in mud. Happily, neither the children nor their adults seemed to mind too much, with plenty of mirth to brighten the grey day; just one person was overheard to say she was heading back to "dry land" - very understandable given that this was the worst section of muddy and flooded track and she was trying to manoeuvre a pushchair. In recognition of the efforts made by all, we had no hesitation in doubling the prizes to all.

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