MNR Thuxton Walk, 25 October 2017

Walk promotion flyer (pdf).

Class 66 loco passing
There was a short delay after we boarded the Thuxton train at Dereham station, a large Class 66 locomotive was making its way along the single track from the mainline. We would pass on the loop at Thuxton.

We are grateful to Mick & Sarah Austin for ensuring that their very interesting livestock (alpacas and donkeys) were kept clear of the path while we walked through their farm. Of course, we paused to say hello. Donkey

Heading out across open countryside we enjoy the autumn colours:
Autumn colours

As we go under a 400kV pylon the Dereham water tower is visible on the horizon.
Pylon and sky Pylon and water tower

We zigzagged through the town keeping to as many public footpaths as possible, eventually ending back at the station where we enjoyed tea or coffee and cake.

See also the article in the Dereham Times (opens in a new tab).

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