Litter Pick, 20 November 2017

Litter bags awaiting collection
A somewhat grey November day saw the Dereham Walkers are Welcome Committee out on another form of path maintenance - removing litter from along a number of our routes. The worst affected was Footpath 14, where, sad to say, it runs past Dereham Church of England Junior Academy. And the next greatest concentration was where Footpath 10 goes past Dereham Neatherd High School. For anyone who has collected litter before, there would not have been too many surprises - mainly crisp and similar packets, a good smattering of cans and bottles (glass and plastic), a minority of unidentifiable junk.
the one that makes most people‚Äôs blood boil - carefully wrapped dog poo, in neatly tied plastic bags left for a short eternity by the side of the path. The result? 5½ bags of rubbish.

Our thanks go to Breckland District Council for providing the bags and litter pickers, plus bag hoops loaned from a nearby parish.

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