Garden Party Walk, 1 October 2017

Walk promotion flyer (pdf).

In the few days leading up to the event weather predictions were for heavy rain, but fortunately it passed through in the morning leaving the afternoon dry and brighter.

Twenty five or so met at Dereham Neatherd including a few people from Norwich and one from Cromer. The group strode out across the moor and on to Shillings Lane:
Shillings Lane
Then across Etling Green to explore some newly cleared routes not previously walked by Walkers are Welcome. The group headed north to Northall Green and with a view of the Dereham water tower landmark in sight (on the horizon right of centre) back to the Town:
Water Toer
This was billed as a garden party, so just before returning to Neatherd Moor Car Park, we diverted to the home of Dot & Martin for tea, coffee and delicious home made cakes:
Cakes Garden for tea and cakes

A mention made its way to the Dereham Times.

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