Committee Message - 1 May, 2019

  1. Booking is now open for our Spring Bank Holiday walk - we hope to see you there.
  2. Our Easter walk went well - the weather was a very substantial improvement on the rain and flooding we had in 2018, though the enjoyment levels were high on both occasions!
  3. For those who have young children or grandchildren (or any other relationship!), don’t forget our ‘Find the Deer in Dereham’ event coming up on May Day - 6 May. See the flyer for this.
  4. And also this month marks the first of a series of monthly short walks - the walks will be on the first Friday of the month at 10:00am starting from the Queen Mother's Garden, which can be accessed via a pathway by the side of new apartments opposite Romany Rye on Church Street, or by the main car park entrance on Withburga Lane. The walks will be leisurely and no more than 4 miles long. There will be a charge of £2 for each walk. The walks will be led by a member of Dereham WaW; any queries about the walks contact 07887 604040.
  5. You may have seen changes to the planned dates for our September and/or October walks. We were anxious to include a walk using the Mid‑Norfolk Railway, but this has limited running in October, so we thought we would change the planned date to fit in. Only later did we realise that this brought it only a week after the September walk, so thought we would change that. This was not possible for various reasons, so we are now going ahead with 29 September for the ‘garden party’ walk, and 6 October for the MNR walk. Our website is correctly showing these dates.
  6. We’re still seeking funding to print a third run of the walks packs. We have been declined for two bids for a large sum to print 10,000 sets, and are exploring other ways of printing smaller numbers (albeit at higher unit cost). If anyone has any thoughts about how best to go about this, we would be pleased to hear them. At present, we are checking trying to combine a number of smaller sums, and perhaps printing in monochrome instead of colour.