Committee meeting synopsis

Meeting date: 18 January, 2019


The Treasurer presented an income and expenditure report which concluded that we have £276.21 available to spend.

Reserve: It was noted that we had anticipated expenses for 2019 of £191, leaving £85 towards our reserve.

Treasurer: Dorothy had indicated her wish to step down after the Annual Public Meeting. Catherine said she might be interested.


Contact list: The list currently stood at 93 emails plus 4 by phone.

Logos and Dereham Walks packs: There were 51 logos displayed, 47 leaflet holders in place and 1311 packs issued, plus those at the library and DTC. It was suggested that we should aim to get packs into the GP surgeries.

Calendar: 66 copies had been produced, and given to most of our supporters as planned. It was agreed to take the remainder to the Suffolk Alliance meeting on 31 January.

Radio Norwich: Ken reported that a phone interview has been recorded for broadcast in the Christmas to New Year period, though how it was used was not known.

Future work and Plans

Walk leaflet 2019 print/reprint: Catherine had circulated the proposed bid to Awards for All. This was approved with the addition of a reference for the quoted statistics.

Annual Return: A draft had been circulated, though Ken reported he wanted to make some minor changes. The draft was agreed in principle, but Ken would circulate a further version for approval, showing the changes.

Short/health walks: It was agreed we should produce a leaflet or leaflets showing short walks in the town, for distribution to GPs and/or suitable for others needing a short walk. Jenny agreed to let Ken have information about her short walks.

Event Programme

Debrief: Hogmanay Hike
Both walk and refreshment arrangements had gone well. Dorothy and Martin thought they would have been able to manager the same numbers had it been wet. Tim offered the use of some sailcloth should it be required (eg on the garden party event).

More details of teh event programme were discussed, the dates and brief descriptions are on the sidebar of the Current Events page.

Footpath Issues

Footpath work: Various minor maintenance/clearance had been undertaken.

Dereham Town Council: Next meeting of the Heritage and Open Spaces Committee is 26 February.