Committee meeting synopsis

Meeting date: 21 August, 2017

Again had no difficulty in using 2 hours productively. Amongst other things, we decided we would try and join the social networking community - if anyone would like to help us with this, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We noted the need to raise at least £225 or so by early 2018, in order to meet our standing commitments (subscription to national Walkers are Welcome, public liability insurance for our walks and other events, website costs),let alone items of desired expenditure and routine admin costs.

We received and reviewed our nice new banner (one of our items of ‘desired expenditure’!): it was planned to make a first outing at our Walking on Waters walk on Bank Holiday Monday 28 August.

The arrangements for our 1 October Garden Party walk were confirmed. This will be a 5 mile walk, taking in Etling and Northall Greens and ending in a Garden Party for - you’ve guessed it - tea and cakes. See the Events page for more details.

We also planned an additional October walk to fit with Norfolk County Council’s Walking & Cycling Festival. Our walk will be on Wednesday 25 October and will feature a ride on the Mid-Norfolk Railway and a walk back from Thuxton. Details are being finalised and will be announced shortly.

Reviewed progress on our updated walks pack. We won’t know until November whether we have the full funding or will need to find a further £300, but work is continuing on getting the walks print ready so they can be produced as soon as we can pay the printer.