Committee meeting synopsis

Meeting date: 9 January, 2017

Our Committee meeting followed the traditional Janus pattern of looking back and forward.

We looked back over the six months since our formal recognition, and were pleased to realise that we had generated over £250 worth of funds, run five public walks, set up a website, started to build a following of walkers, undertaken many hours of path clearance and generally made something of an impact around the town. As part of our continuing accreditation, we are required to submit an annual return to the central Walkers are Welcome organisation, and we approved that at our meeting. We also thought it would be good to make that information available to anyone else interested, so you will now find our Annual Report on this website. We hope you enjoy reading it - please do pass it on to anyone else you think might be interested.

Our Bolo Rei walk clearly went down well (as did the Bolo Rei!) - thanks for the kind comments from a number of those taking part. Although our purpose goes much wider than running walks, these are also very much a part of our activity, so we spent some time planning further events for 2017. All are subject to possible change at this early stage, but current plans are